Ooops! Himbara gives Museveni’s “abavandimwe” gang’s game away!

Canada based RNC mouthpiece David Himbara – who churns out virulent anti-Rwanda propaganda with the sponsorship of Ugandan ruler Museveni and RNC chief financier Tribert Rujugiro – has just exposed the unholy alliance between Museveni, RNC, and the so-called abavandimwe group in Uganda. Himbara probably was under influence of an illegal substance when he wrote his latest anti-Rwanda smear, for he has revealed far more than he thought he would.

Himbara set out to vouch for Lawrence Muganga the vice chancellor of a university in Kampala whose abduction by CMI goons in the Ugandan capital yesterday set off a huge uproar.

Muganga had tasted his medicine of the harassment and persecution that Museveni’s state-sanctioned criminals, CMI mete out on innocent Rwandans living in Uganda daily. On the same concocted accusations of “spying” or “illegal stay” and others that they victimize Rwandans with.

But this time Kandiho, in his greed (and the greed of his partner Saleh) pounced on a “Muvandimwe”, probably taking a risk that their fiction of “spying” would work. The real goal of Kandiho and Saleh was to steal Muganga’s US$ 1.3 million that the academician has just gotten as a grant from the Bill Gates foundation. But the CMI method, caught on CCTV video, of how they brutally drag people away, with drones, caused a real uproar.

But it caused that uproar because the victim is part of a group of Banyarwanda, led by Frank Gashumba, that work with Museveni. If it were the usual innocent Banyarwanda targeted by CMI; people that have no links to any politics at all but suffer just because of their nationality, you wouldn’t see any uproar. The likes of Andrew Mwenda would be keeping very quiet. The likes of Samson Kasumba likewise. Or Canary Mugume, or anyone else. These people watch everyday as CMI crooks illegally jail Rwandans, rob them, torture them, and dump them at the borders. And they all keep.

But when it is a Muvandimwe, all hell breaks loose!

And of course Murunganwa aka Himbara pipes up, to defend the Muvandimwe – through insults, mixed with lies hurled at the Rwandan leadership. To “prove his point” Himbara says Muganga is his friend. That is it. Himbara says Muganga is his friend, therefore Muganga cannot be working with Rwanda, therefore Muganga is innocent. Murunganwa can spare his breath. Nothing will happen to the Muvandimwe, such as the brutal torture of Banyarwanda in Uganda that have nothing to do with Ugandan politics, except to refuse to be part of plots to destabilize Rwanda. In fact many just fall victim only because Kandiho’s men have the power to victimize them, for no other reason than to rob them of their money or businesses.

Himbara is fooling no one. He knew, even as he wrote, that nothing bad would happen to Muganga.

Sure enough, a few hours later Muganga was out of CMI custody. He had probably agreed to give a cut of his Bill Gates Foundation funds to Maj. Gen. Kandiho and his master, Gen. Saleh. That’s how those guys roll.

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