Himbara inevitably attempts to exploit unfortunate demise of Jay Polly

Tireless anti-Rwanda troll David Himbara, paid by Museveni and Rujugiro to smear and tarnish the image of Rwanda, scans the net for any death in Rwanda, to attempt to pin it on the Rwandan leadership. On the recent passing of Joshua Tuyishime aka Jay Polly, RNC mouthpiece Himbara aka Murunganwa has predictably screamed “foul play.” He deliberately ignores the cause of death to weaponized the untimely demise of the popular hip hop artist whom everyone in Rwanda is mourning.

Rwanda Prison Services and major news outlets in Rwanda communicated Jay Polly’s cause of death. Together with other inmates, they consumed an illicit brew based on aftershave, ethanol and sugar; which very unfortunately proved to be a deadly substance. The authorities afforded Jay Polly all the urgent medical care, but the concoction proved fatal.

But Murunganwa has no decency to let the family mourn in piece. He has jumped on the sad turn of events to peddle the fiction smearing Rwanda’s correctional services. As usual with these propagandists when they smear Rwanda, it is a case of projection. Himbara claims “Rwandan prisons are death traps” (in fact Rwanda’s correctional services are lauded as humane, professional, and indeed correctional).

Therefore Himbara is talking about Ugandan prisons. As just one example, go to Kitalya Prison where people are tortured to death every day, just for supporting Bobi Wine. Some have their eyes gauged out, their bodies cut up all over, and other terrible things. Museveni’s prisons are the real death traps.

Of course the shameless Murunganwa aka Himbara can never write about that.

He should let Rwandans mourn their loss and worry about his own mortality.

Cheap propaganda for the benefit of the murderous Ugandan regime will not make him immortal.

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