Did you really expect to be appointed a Minister?

Today, I woke up to your twitter rant about the appointment of Dr Jean Damascene Bizimana as the Minister of National Unity and Civic engagement. You have the freedom to say what you want, that is a constitutional right. However, the public will not endorse your sentiments and misinformed extremist opinions.

Before you criticize the appointment of Dr Bizimana and subtly express your wishes to be appointed as the Minister of National Unity Civic engagement, first question your credentials. Are you capable of leading anything when you cannot even keep a family?

Well, let’s not make this personal and just focus on your criminal activities that forbid you from leading anything let alone a sector charged with unity of Rwandans – the same Rwandans that you’ve been responsible for massacring and dividing (as a leader in terrorist groups).

When you said “Rwandan people” are not happy with the President’s choice you actually meant “genocidaires” and “Hutu-power” extremist groups are saddened.

For promoters of genocide ideology like you, your very evil agenda to keep dividing Rwandans is well known. Your goal is for the terms “RPF” and “Tutsi” to be used interchangeably in your hateful message. Those terms are to be contrasted with your divisive descriptions of Hutu ethnicity as “true Rwandans,” or, “the Rwandan people” and “the population.” So, you continually attempt to distance the RPF from the “Rwandan people.”

This is the ideology that runs straight from the 1959 Parmehutu extremist movement, through MRND, on to your FDLR, or FDU-Inkingi, or whatever other name you are always trying to disguise it with these days.

Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza, you of all people that the courts convicted of genocide ideology and sentenced to prison, only for the head of state to grant you clemency, are busily pushing your ideology, to try to tear up Rwandan society again? You, whose parents were convicted of the most heinous crimes against humanity, you think you can be in position to judge Dr. Bizimana?

Your links to various genocidal groups: ALIR, RDR, FDLR, RUD Urunana expose your rhetoric against Dr. Bizimana’s appointment for what it is: he is a threat to your ideology. Very good! Now we know that the appointing authority was very wise to put him in charge of the ministry.

Dear Ingabire, let me sign off by informing you that there will never be a Rwanda government by Genocidaires ever again.

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