Genocidaire defender Muruganwa aka Himbara thinks being Rwanda’s High Commissioner to the UK is punishment

Terrorist propagandist David Murunganwa aka Himbara exhibits the strangest behavior in his smear campaign against Rwanda. Hearing that Johnston Busingye – the former Justice Minister and Attorney General of Rwanda – had been appointed to serve as it High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, the terrorist propagandist began a victory dance. Paid to smear Rwanda by Museveni and Rujugiro, Himbara’s reaction is even more laughable given his reputation as a genocidaire defender who is willing to travel across continents to commit perjury.

In 2019, Himbara flew to Stockholm to defend a genocide convict called Theodore Rukeratabaro. His mission was to secure an alliance between RNC, his terrorist organization, and Rukeratabaro’s Genocidaires in FDLR, the alliance was desperately needed for Museveni’s plan to destabilize Rwanda. Despite Murunganwa’s false testimony, the Swedish appeal court upheld a life sentence for Rukeratabaro.

Shamelessly, the Genocidaire defender Himbara would have you think that Busingiye’s appointment as the Rwanda’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom is a punitive measure. He claims that the former Justice Minister has been sacked when clearly he was given an equally challenging and important appointment. One wonders, if representing Rwanda is a punishment, what does Himbara call Museveni’s sponsored mission to defend Rukeratabaro?

Himbara opted to serve a terrorist organization back by Museveni to attack Rwanda, he commits treason in broad daylight. Murunganwa aka Himbara sold his soul to the devil, and now anxiously waits to hear which other Genocidaire he will be instructed to defend for “political expediency” in Museveni’s anti-Rwanda plan. On the other hand, the former Minister of Justice and thousand other civil servants work selflessly for Rwanda always willing to be deployed to serve proudly in different capacities.

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