Mozambique: Himbara hints at his sympathy for dislodged Islamists

Himbara is again spewing lies, tarnishing Rwanda’s military intervention in Mozambique – which followed a request by that country.

Let’s first present facts vs Lies.

Facts: on the 30th of April this year, Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi flew to Kigali from Maputo to meet with his Rwandan counterpart and seek assistance in dislodging Islamist insurgent terrorists that had captured a part of his country.

His request was accepted. In the spirit of Pan-Africanism; of finding African solutions to African problems. That’s an indisputable fact.

Rwanda deployed a 1000-man strong contingent. Together with Mozambican forces, they took positions in several affected areas: Cabo Delgado, Afungi, Palma, up to Quionga. They dislodged the insurgents, in record time. To date, Rwanda and Mozambican forces have recaptured all areas that had fallen to the insurgents, people are coming back to their homes and the joint armed forces are resettling them, re-opening infrastructures, and restoring state authority.

Literally what happened is a result of south-south cooperation. What Rwanda and Mozambique achieved in the quest for restoration of peace in areas hit by insurgents is to be highly commended, by any self-respecting good African. That is something Murunganwa aka David Himbara has never been, and will never be.

THE LIES: RNC mouthpiece Himbara, sponsored by Museveni and RNC chief financier Rujugiro, first embarked on disseminating lies for weeks that “no one wants the Rwandan military in Mozambique”. Himbara and all the anti-Rwanda networks went even further with falsehoods that “SADC opposed Rwanda’s deployment,” forgetting that Mozambique in the first place as a sovereign state requires no permission from SADC or anyone else on sovereign issues.

Murunganwa then claimed Rwanda would fail. As mentioned above, the mission of Rwandan and Mozambican forces is a resounding success – deal with that Murunganwa!

Next the tireless propagandist claimed that “France will pay for the deployment because Rwanda cannot afford it.” That particular fiction got nowhere, but such things never discourage Himbara. Murunganwa is totally devoid of shame.

Now, he has woen another one: that “Total is Kagame’s boss and that Total is delighted with Rwanda’s results in Mozambique.”

Such things are what Murunganwa is prepared to write for his paychecks from Museveni. Fictions covered in pseudo-intellectual babble to fool only the most gullible. Happily for the hundreds of thousands of Mozambican civilians going back to their homes, Murunganwa’s fictions are of no consequence.

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