RNC propagandist Himbara caught red-handed faking economic analysis

The RNC propagandist David Murunganwa aka Himbara who is widely known for fake data and biased petty analysis while pretending to be an economist that is known to have forged his academic papers and falsified documents to get to University can’t understand what a budget deficit is.

The lying Pseudo-analyst Himbara cited that RWF1.4 trillion or US$1.3 billion tax revenue generated from June 2019 to June 2020 can finance only 49 percent of the national budget. Does Himbara know what a budget deficit is? Is he well aware that it’s normal for a country to run a budget deficit? Major countries like Japan and the US line budget deficits.

Again, what Museveni’s troll, Himbara will not mention in his smear, as history once reminds us, is that there’s no clear correlation between deficits and economic growth. Importantly, this isn’t just a ‘Rwandan thing for the gullible and those who naively believe that it’s a bad thing for Rwanda to run a budget deficit.

The deficit will not go away and should not go away, but what major countries do is diminishing it or reducing it only when they have restored growth funded by the private sector, which is the case for Rwanda. There are two ways to generate economic growth that RNC mouthpiece Himbara doesn’t grasp: private credit or public spending. That’s the entire set; there are no other alternatives.

Himbara should know that budget deficit is normal. However, what Himbara wants is to cut government spending, cut Social Security, cut Mutuelle de Sante (health insurance), cut every kind of program that benefits low-income people.

What a travesty from the grudgingly cheap paid propagandist! The deficit is an umbrella argument for Museveni’s troll to draw attention away from what Rwanda has done to be one of the rising economic countries in Africa.

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