#VisitRwanda is all Himbara sees in Arsenal FC

The RNC propagandist David Himbara is hooked on Arsenal FC. He tried to attack the club’s deal but failed, yet he still follows the club with extreme scrutiny.

The Rwanda Development Board recently proved that the Arsenal RDB deal made financial sense. It debunked RNC propaganda attack on the subject, Himbara had lied about it at the request of Museveni and Rujugiro. They pay him to smear Rwanda and #VisitRwanda is driving them crazy!

Himbara is now forced to follow football and Arsenal in particular. This means #VisitRwanda is in his face all the time; but for Museveni and Rujugiro’s coin, Himbara would do anything.

In his latest erratic post, Himbara attempts to drag the club into politics. The RNC troll will have you believe that the RDB-Arsenal deal somehow bends the club to Rwanda’s control. Arsenal FC was estimated to be worth £1.6 Billion, but Himbara will insist that a $10 Million per year deal controls the club.

The club manager agreed that Arsenal has to perform better and that it should not settle for mediocrity. For anyone that follows the club has to step up, that’s just a fact. It might not be obvious to Himbara, who only focuses on the sleeves for 90 minutes hoping that #VisitRwanda miraculously disappears. He wouldn’t notice if teams played with three balls on the pitch, all he sees is #VisitRwanda.

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