Visit Rwanda irks Himbara and his sponsors

Getting what to blame Rwanda by fabricating a lie just to be counted; this is what defines David Murunganwa Himbara who is paid by Museveni and Rujugiro to tarnish Rwanda.

In his latest post, Murunganwa struggled to throw dirt at Visit Rwanda initiative, what he was really doing was powering out his sponsors’ jealousy of the initiative. They are seeing Visit Rwanda everywhere and it is driving them crazy.

In fact, recently someone published an article and referred to Himbara as; “When someone is fighting without the hope of winning a contest, when their aim is to simply give it a go no matter the outcome, they will always have the motivation to just be in and be counted. They swore to themselves and their sponsors to always take part for as long as they breath. And their fans have gotten used to the reality that all there will always be to celebrate is that bold and noisy attempt from the railway side to stop the train from passing.”

The same noise is what Himbara has been unleashing in his fight against the successful Visit Rwanda.

Himbara claims that Rwanda should not have invested US$50 million into visit Rwanda but he avoids is the return on investments.

Here are the details he is avoid; between 2010 and 2019, Tourism had more than doubled its annual earnings from $202 million to $498 million in 2019. Precisely the Visit Rwanda’s promotion deal with sport clubs like Arsenal and Paris Saint Germain helped Rwanda reach over 546 million through Global media exposure and helped successfully positioned herself as one of Africa’s leading tourist destinations.

Himbara knows all about these achievement, he knows how much they hurt him and his sponsors – his writings are simply meant to quench their jealousy.

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