Tourism and #Visit Rwanda has RNC mouthpiece Himbara spamming incoherently

Paid by Museveni and Rujugiro to tarnish Rwanda, Himbara spams social media with lies and fabrications. His two latest “genius” analysis is that Covid-19 affected Rwanda’s tourism sector just to smear with his economic collapse narrative while criticizing investment in the same. Only Museveni and Rujugiro would pay for such useless propaganda.

Covid-19 affected all countries and all sectors, the world literally entered into a global recession. However, what David Himbara was unable to do before and after the Pandemic, is to dent the confidence in Rwanda. Despite all his false alarms and fake news that the Rwandan economy was on the verge of collapse, the country managed to raise $620 million by issuing Eurobonds on the London Stock Exchange.

Sectors like Tourism, which he claims were affected beyond repair by the pandemic, between 2010 and 2019, Tourism had more than doubled its annual earnings from $202 million to $498 million in 2019 and they are now recovering, due to the successful Eurobond issue. While claiming that the tourism industry was affected by Covid-19, Himbara then attacks #VisitRwanda ’s promotion deal with sport clubs like Arsenal and Paris Saint Germain which helped Rwanda reach over 546 million through Global media exposure and helped successfully positioned herself as one of Africa’s leading tourist
destinations. For instance, according to Arsenal, prior to the partnership with the team 71% of Arsenal fans were not aware of Rwanda as a tourist destination Coming to the end of year 1 of the partnership one in two Arsenal fans are more likely to consider visiting Rwanda.

The incoherence of writing in the morning that Tourism is affected and then criticizing investment in promoting tourism in the afternoon says a lot about Himbara’s intent. He is an incoherent propagandist devoid of any facts to exploit paid by octogenarians consumed with jealousy.

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