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PROPAGANDA GONE BAD: Himbara’s misinformation on Rwanda’s mineral sector exposes intellectual fraud

For anyone to understand or respond to posts made by David Himbara, the RNC Mouthpiece on Museveni and Rujugiro paycheques, one needs to first understand that everything Himbara writes is simply twisted lies. The question is what drives him to such lengths. The answer is simply hostile propaganda.

We have said it several times: Murunganwa aka Himbara is a sponsored mouthpiece, tasked with spewing anti-Rwanda lies and distortions, on any news to do with Rwanda. Himbara’s recent post on Rwanda’s Gold exports is proof of this. In June 2019, Rwanda opened a US$ 5 million gold refinery plant. It was all over the news that the advanced factory has enough capacity to process large quantities of gold from all around Africa. The facility has a capacity to refine 6 tonnes of gold a month, or about 220kgs a day. It was reported that Rwanda targets to collect US$ 1.5 billion from mineral exports by 2024.

Back then, Himbara claimed that the facility would fail, but he forgot the part that the facility actually refines gold not just from Rwanda but from across Africa. There are many countries in the world with small gold deposits but have massive revenues from exports. It is simply because they have big refinery plants. Such countries include Belgium, Switzerland and many others. To date, the refinery in Rwanda has contributed nearly to the entire projected 2024 threshold of operations, and all the details have been communicated. Of course Himbara cares for no facts.

He is spouting distortions about how Rwanda’s mining sector supposedly is “artisanal” and therefore it can’t export that much gold. He hopes people won’t learn that Rwanda has positioned itself – with the refinery – as a value additional center, receiving mineral from all over the region, by firms happy to do business with Rwanda.

All Murunganwa can do is insinuate “Rwanda is exporting Congolese gold.”He is cultivating the old lie that Rwanda digs up Congolese gold. It is a lie as foolish as it is contemptuous of Congolese, as it pushes the impression Congolese are completely helpless people that would never defend their interests, of work in their own interests.

Only a total and complete fraud like Murunganwa aka Himbara would dare make such insinuations.

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