RNC mouthpiece Hambara’s frivolous attempts at sabotage of Rwanda’s COVID-19 vaccine production program will end in futility

David Himbara, the RNC Mouthpiece on Museveni and Rujugiro paycheques, doesn’t believe that Rwanda will produce vaccines against COVID-19 as it has announced several times. As a paid propagandist, Himbara’s job is to smear and undermine Rwanda, so a COVID-19 vaccine produce in Rwanda would be a major setback in his campaign.

The EU, the Belgium development agency, and the World Bank’s IFC (International Finance Cooperation) as well as other organizations believe Rwanda can do it. Most have pledged funds, grants and loans in support of vaccines production in Rwanda. This has panicked Himbara, and ridiculously, the discredited academic for fraud and terrorist propagandist contradicts all NGOs, International Organizations and government experts. His megalomania doesn’t get better, but it is just going to be a matter of time for him to eat his hat once more.

Not so long ago, Himbara claimed that “Rwanda would never deploy troops to Mozambique.” He was proved wrong. That can never stop him from piling up more lies. Murunganwa also goofed with his predictions of supposed economic catastrophe for Rwanda, on maturing Eurobonds in 2023. While he was busy claiming that “Rwanda was no longer creditworthy in financial markets”, he was disproved when Rwanda raised over US$ 600 Million in the same bond markets thus guaranteeing maturing bonds service.

After that pathetic lie was blown up, he didn’t stop spinning others. Now he is back to Covid-19 vaccines. Pathetic.

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