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Charles Kambanda can pretend, but can’t hide his CMI links

Commenting on Abel Kandiho –CMI’s boss– visit to Burundi, the sex for grades “Professor” Kambanda confirms what people already knew: he is Abel Kandiho’s agent and advisor on anti-Rwanda schemes, and he acts on behalf of Museveni. Hate speech specialist Kambanda has reacted with a post on his Facebook – using a lame and cheap reverse psychology trick – talking of “isolating Rwanda” after the bizarre mission to Bujumbura by Uganda military intelligence (CMI) chief Abel Kandiho.

With a long list of special envoys, ambassadors and diplomats, Museveni deliberately opted to deploy Kandiho as “special envoy to Burundi.” As always, Museveni, afraid of further improvements in Rwanda Burundi relations, sent Kandiho, who is reputed for orchestrating a campaign of persecution against Rwandans living in Uganda while supporting anti-Rwanda terrorist groups. The mission supposedly was to discuss a road construction between Burundi and Uganda via Tanzania. But who are they fooling? How can a CMI fellow, who has no clue about engineering or trade, start discussing roads?

Kambanda betrays their pipe dream of attempting “to isolate” Rwanda in a blatant way. Given that diplomatic practice between bilateral states usually leaves very little room for the receiving country on who is received as an envoy, Museveni took advantage of the loophole to send an “envoy” who has nothing to do with infrastructure, but symbolizes the Kampala regime’s anti-Rwanda agenda. Museveni’s intent is clear: sabotage of any good relations between Kigali and Bujumbura, which propagandists like Kambanda then hype up with wishful utterances of “isolating Rwanda” on Facebook.

Beyond this type of failed misinformation, one can only congratulate Museveni for sending his chief engineer (in abductions, torture and killing of innocent Rwandans) Kandiho to Burundi to discuss the construction of the Uganda-Burundi-Tanzania road! Who wants to bet that this supposed road will ever get built, at least during Museveni’s life presidency?

One can only have a good laugh at the thought.

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