Himbara feigns interest in football, a subject you can bet he knows zero about!

There is literally nothing David Himbara aka Murunganwa would not do to get some attention. The RNC propagandist – permanently on the payroll of Museveni and RNC chief financier Rujugiro – routinely cooks up data in his anti-Rwanda. He makes up stuff – e.g. “Rwanda is not welcome in Mozambique” – only to be disproved a few days after. He fakes death threats. He lies as he breathes. Now he has jumped on a tweet by President Kagame, a big fan of Arsenal football club, to twist it for his propaganda purposes. Surely Murunganwa is the most talented liar there has ever been!

President Kagame has a right to root for a sports team. Like all fans, he can express regret when the team he supports performs below par. He can tweet his opinion, or even advice. And that’s that.

But after the President’s tweet, what did Murunganwa do? The sick man claimed that “Kagame has ordered Arsenal not to lose future games.” Only Himbara knows where he saw that. Probably in his drug-fueled hallucinations.

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