The RNC terrorist propagandist has just landed on another report to twist with lies

The UNGOE has just published its periodic review on DRC Congo and the RNC propagandist David Himbara is already busy misquoting it and twisting it for his smear campaign. Sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, Himbara has to seek out any opportunity to smear Rwanda. The UNGOE report is no different; barely out, Himbara claims that Rwandair is involved in trafficking minerals from Congo.

Evidently, the RNC mouthpiece has not talked to his paymasters who excel in trafficking. Himbara, at the sight of an export certificate, declares that Rwandair must be involved in trafficking. If he had asked Rujugiro, whose companies are always mentioned in trafficking, or to Museveni who has a $10 Billion fine to pay to Congo for stealing their minerals; Himbara would have been briefed that trafficking is not done with a valid export certificate.

Reading the UNGOE report, one quickly sees that the experts talked about to lack of an additional document given by the ICGRL (International Conference on Great Lakes Region), a regional multinational organization. The UNGOE does not accuse Rwandair of foul play but rather sought additional documents, usually made available afterwards.

But from the terrorist propagandist, he found his smoking gun when in fact all he found was a mere certificate. The real scandal, however, is that Himbara’s sponsors are now involved in smuggling Cocoa with the help of another terrorist organization under their wing, the ADF.

Most importantly, neither Rwanda or Rwandair is mentioned in the final recommendations. Once again, it is Museveni’s ADF terrorist militia and their new Cocoa smuggling that retains the UNGOE’s attention.

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