David Himbara aka Murunganwa incoherence and confusion after Rwanda’s successful EuroBond

The RNC mouthpiece, David Himbara aka Murunganwa, is going through all stages of grief following a successful issue of $620 million in EuroBond by the Government of Rwanda. Himbara, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, cannot digest that Rwanda raised hundreds of millions despite all the sponsored smear attacks.

Initially, the terrorist propagandist began speculating about Rwanda’s next project with the raised funds; he assumed that the bonds would finance vaccine production in Rwanda. Then he wrote a blog in total confusion saying IMF should stop Rwanda from borrowing and concluding in the same blog that IMF has no authority to stop Rwanda from raising funds!

Himbara is confused, it is because of his over-inflated ego that he doesn’t understand a simple fact; no one cares for his opinion. By taking Museveni’s money to smear and fabricate lies on the Rwanda’s economy, he always assumed that his intervention mattered as a former official. But there are thousands of former officials, most honorably discharged and a few, like Himbara, who fled from accountability or who joined terrorist enterprise. It might come as a surprise to him but no one gives credibility to terrorist propagandist.

In Himbara’s case, he has repeatedly been caught manipulating data and peddling falsehoods. Not so long ago, he wrote about a celebration of liberation day that didn’t happen and a Financial Times interview that doesn’t exist.

If Museveni and Rujugiro taught a character like Himbara could tarnish the image of Rwanda, or hamper its financial capacities; the joke is on them. $620 million is the proof; the financial world trusts Rwanda and their propaganda failed.

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