With countless failures and scandals dogging Museveni regime, Himbara tries to deflect attention to Rwanda

Tireless RNC mouthpiece David Himbara aka Murunganwa is on the offensive against Covid-19 production in Rwanda. Sponsored by Museveni and Ruhugiro, the mouthpiece is trying to sabotage Rwanda’s initiative with potential partners in the production of the mRNA vaccine against Covid-19.

It is a trend, whenever Rwanda gets ahead of Ugandan. The Museveni-sponsored troll automatically attack with intent to sabotage. Rwandair, VW’s assembly plant, tourism and now Covid-19 vaccines production all are subject to Murunganwa’s smears. It’s not a coincidence that these are also areas where Museveni has made false promises to Uganda; an airline, an automobile industry, and vaccine productions.

Museveni and his cronies destroyed Uganda Airlines through greed and corruption, and they wrecked botched the revival attempt. So, Murunganwa attacks Rwandair. When Museveni also promised a “made in Uganda car”, that too was a laughable hoax. The so-called “Kiira motor” was nothing but another scheme to steal from the public coffers. No one sees Kiira cars on the street of Kampala anywhere. In Rwanda, VW cars are everywhere on the streets. Predictably Himbara attacks the VW Kigali plant. The list of white elephant projects in Uganda is endless but a recent one, COVID-19 production, is now causing Himbara to launch more smear attacks against Rwanda.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Museveni made his usual empty promises “to produce a cure” and vaccines with the help of a fellow called Sarfaraz Niaz. As always, Museveni seeks to inflate his ego pretending that he is able to do things alone without any partnership. While other countries, including Rwanda, sought for pharmaceutical firms and reputable partnerships, Museveni brought Safaraz Niaz only and made his ridiculous claims to have a miracle cure. Their “cure” turned out to be a mere alcohol based sanitizing spray. Moving on from that scam, Museveni then promoted unproven herbal medicine like covidex – another con that’s consumed billions of taxpayer shillings. To hide his scam, he once again sends Murunganwa, his lapdog, to attack.

The RNC mouthpiece online smears against Rwanda on any issue on Rwanda have become comical. The idle Murunganwa smearing and attempting to discredit Rwanda’s achievements is a significant part of his services to paymaster Museveni. After all for 35 years of his rule, the only thing people see in Uganda are corruption, embezzlement, and state capture by Museveni’s family – not mentioning every type of misrule known to humanity.

Truly, Himbara aka Muruganwa has the hardest task of all Museveni-paid liars.

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