After seeing things, RNC terrorist propagandist Himbara is now hearing things

Finally David Murunganwa aka Himbara —the RNC terrorist propagandist— has exposed his psychotic disorder with a posts that reveals how schizophrenia ravages his tormented psyche. Paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro, he spends his days smearing the Rwandan Head of State with all sorts of fabricated stories.

Now, Himbara aired his mental state in with post where he engages in a simulated monologue of the Head of State of Rwanda. There can be no other way of saying it, Himbara is now hearing voices in his head.

Not so long ago, Himbara posted about a 27th celebration of the liberation of Rwanda; the celebration never happened. Afterwards, he wrote about a Financial Times with the Head of State of Rwanda; but that too was imaginary.

Himbara, the avid substance abuser paid to smear by the brutal dictator of Uganda and Rujugiro —a renowned trafficking kingpin— finally confirms that he urgently needs therapy by posting an imaginary conversation.

A source close to him disclosed a dilemma when dealing with Himbara; “By hiding his madness in propaganda, he tells us that he is just pretending and we presumed his folly is deliberate,” our source said. “But nonetheless, occasionally, he checks himself into a psychiatric asylum and claims it is a detox exercise, but clearly he suffers from something more serious!”

Until his next trip to the Psychiatrist, the paid mouthpiece offers a show of how he is losing his mind.

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