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Now RNC terror mouthpiece Himbara has attacked even basketball

RNC terror propagandist David Himbara, a mouthpiece in the pay of Ugandan ruler Museveni as well as RNC chief financier Tribert Rujugiro will attack anything with Rwandan involvement. Even sports. That’s how laughable Himbara has become. He will attack peacekeeping missions, political organizations, and now he is attacking the US National Basketball Association (NBA). Because the NBA has worked with Rwanda to promote basketball in Africa. I challenge anyone to find a clearer sign that Himbara is not alright!

His latest attack is directed at Basketball Africa League (BAL), and in particular at former US president, Barack Obama. Why? The NBA and Obama have worked with Rwanda to help Africa’s youth through Basketball. Himbara is on Obama’s case for accepting the role of BAL strategic partner!
In sport, there is a unwritten rule that politics should not interfere and that instead sport should be a uniting factor in humanity. But Murunganwa aka Himbara, lashes out with outrageous lies – such as that “Kagame has captured NBA.” Himbara finds negativity in the construction of a great basketball arena in Kigali. His weird reasoning is that the arena is part of “the plan to capture NBA.”

Is this man alright?

You can draw your conclusions.
But Rwanda is also involved in football, volleyball and other sports.

One wouldn’t be surprised if Himbara begins to claim that “Rwanda has captured African sports.”

There are no limits to what Murunganwa is capable of saying

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