Desperate to milk the “pegasus” hoax to the last drop, RNC mouthpiece Himbara tries to manipulate a 2019 press conference

RNC mouthpiece David Himbara has doubled his desperate propaganda to keep the hoax “Pegasus spyware” going. The shameless chief propagandist for a terrorist group has resorted to manipulating a press briefing President Kagame gave in 2019 when he answered to an RFI journalist about the initial allegations to do with the alleged spyware, published in the Financial Times.

In his answer, the President clearly stated that Rwanda was not a user of the said software, and demonstrated how masquerading hostile persons were working with a journalist of the Financial Time in a smear campaign. Like every country, Rwanda does intelligence and the Head of State pointed out that Rwanda primarily used Human Intelligence. Also the president was categorical: this so-called Pegasus system was said to be expensive, and Rwanda had no technical capacities to run it.

Himbara, paid by Museveni and Rujugiro to mudsling Rwanda, now claiming that the President’s press briefing “is proof that Rwanda used Pegasus.” Really.

Something is wrong with Himbara. In 2019 he made claims that his phone too had been hacked. But even the so-called Amnesty International was having none of it. Perhaps they thought they would discredit their own propaganda if they included a nonentity like Himbara! They stated that their labs showed no signs that Himbara had been hacked. Murunganwa (Himbara) of course was undeterred. Now he is making even funnier claims, citing things President Kagame said, publicly, as “proof” of incrimination.

Most obviously, if Rwanda had admitted to eavesdropping, RFI would have published a story about it – which never happened.

But of course Murunganwa must write his fictions, to get his paycheck.

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