For how much was Museveni’s mother bought ?

There is something abhorrent in primitivism! When combined with ignorance and hate, it makes people ridiculous and stupid. Not sure how and when it started, but in 1994, Kangura, a virulent Hutu-power newspaper published a cartoon drawing portraying Tutsi women as prostitutes. Even Hassan Ngeze, the vilest anti-Tutsi activist published the “Hutu 10 Commandments” where there was one “do not have a Tutsi concubine.”

This is exactly the shoes that New Vision, a Ugandan anti-Rwanda propaganda channel is wearing at the moment. In their series dubbed “Rwandan girls for sale in Uganda,” this newspaper aims at character assassinating Rwandan women. Apparently, the women are sold at UGX 50,000! Money that cannot even cover for transport when one is traveling to that side.

This goes deep into the roots of misogyny, the hatred or prejudice against women. It includes thinking that women are merely sex objects! But if Uganda really wants to talk about sexual immorality of Rwandan women (which is also patriarchal because women have sex with men), let us talk about their president’s mother, Esteeri Kokundeka whose barnishing was actually based on her libido. She couldn’t hold her legs together and went on to have sex with a Mutwa called Kayibanda in a place called Tare in northern Rwanda (current Rulindo) and conceived a baby boy who was named Yoseri Tibuhaburwa. The boy later changed his name to Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni. He was conceived out of prostitution.

Perhaps Museveni should remember, that him being a bastard son could have led to his thinking that Rwandan women are as loose as his mother. But what about him? Wasn’t he picking up pretty girls from Makerere, something that even turned into domestic fights with Janet? It is definitely something he inherited from his mother’s genes

What about the pure Ugandan Janet? Didn’t she dump Black Mwesigwa and moved to Museveni – well, we know how Janet lured Museveni into killing Black so that they can make their affair public. Janet’s sexual stories are worth more than series in New Vision but even a documentary too. All this is scoop that New Vision that wants sensational stories could be reporting.

What about the fully Ugandan bastard son, Muhoozi? This one was forced to marry Kutesa’s daughter to calm his libido down. He was buying Ugandan prostitutes all along, and this was a threat to the family’s reputation which was already on a thread.

When it comes to sexual immorality, Museveni’s family alone can represent the whole country of Uganda! Attacking Rwandan women will not cleanse the sex scandals Uganda has. They even have a record set all over the world, but never will a Rwandan woman be sold at all, and definitely not at UGX 50,000. Rwanda only had one sexually immoral woman, Kokundeka!

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