Himbara using the Pegasus hoax to protect RNC and Museveni

David Himbara, the RNC terrorist propagandist, well-known for peddling lies, phony statistics, and wishful thinking has found a new subject to exploit and weaponize the Pegasus hoax. He wants allies and friends of Rwanda to think that they have been spied on with the Pegasus software. He hopes to drive a wedge with in his smear campaign against Rwanda on behalf of his sponsors Museveni and Rujugiro. After claiming Uganda and Burundian officials were targeted, he continues to lies that Rwanda spied on South African President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The Pegasus hoax is based on a fake list of 50,000 numbers supposedly leaked from the owners of the software, the NSO group. The group categorically denies any leaks of targeted numbers, and it is now a matter that will be taken to court as the group sued for libel.

Himbara’s latest decision to manipulate the “Pegasus” issue with distortion follows a statement by the Government of Rwanda which reaffirmed its position that the country does not use Pegasus spyware technology. But a conspiracy determined to tarnish Rwanda persists without proof.

Himbara even tried to get himself on the victims’ list of Pegasus but the Guardian writes, “A forensic analysis of Himbara’s mobile phone by Amnesty International has not found any evidence that he was spied on.” If a key proponents of the hoax, such as the Guardian, decided to out Himbara as a fake victim it is strategic; they know his drug addiction make him inherently unreliable!

In his unpredictability, Himbara (Murunganwa) now says Ramaphosa was a victim and accuses Rwanda. With senior RNC terrorist hiding in South Africa, Himbara hopes to derail a normalization process between Rwanda and South Africa that would be catastrophic for RNC. Why would Pegasus not target Kayumba Nyamwasa, the terrorist RNC boss, and target allies in fighting terrorism?

Himbara’s lie is also an attempt to divert from what his sponsor Museveni did to his political opposition. Museveni personally spearheaded a campaign to spy on, and ultimately vanquish opposition movements since the 2011 presidential election using a highly invasive form of spyware called FinFisher, produced by Gamma Group International, a UK-based company, according to an investigation from the London-based watchdog Privacy International.

Distraction with a blog will not work, Museveni’s use of FinFisher to oppress will still be a fact in Uganda. Moreover, diplomatic relations will not be influenced by a known propagandist like Himbara. South African authorities will see right through Himbara; they know he works with Museveni and RNC.

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