Museveni and Rujugiro mouthpiece Himbara seizes on “Pegasus” issue to spin even more wild fictions

RNC terrorist mouthpiece David Himbara has jumped to milk a hoax currently doing the rounds, that “Rwanda used a spying software, Pegasus, to eavesdrop on Carine Kanimba”, someone of absolutely no consequence in Rwandan affairs. But Himbara, a fraudster from childhood, has expanded the fiction with claims that “Rwanda spied on government officials of neighboring countries.” These are smears started by Western media to tarnish Rwanda, of course with the active participation of the Museveni regime which sponsors the likes of Himbara.

Initially, Himbara tried to get himself on the victims’ list of Pegasus, as Nuwamanya and Ntwali did, but even the doubious sources of that anti-Rwanda misinformation called him out. The Guardian writes, “A forensic analysis of Himbara’s mobile phone by Amnesty International has not found any evidence that he was spied on.” It must take a lot for such a newspaper full of anti-Rwanda propaganda to admit as much!

So Himbara next opted for what he does best: spinning outright lies. He began to peddle stories – backed completely with nothing – that Burundian, Congolese and Ugandan officials were targeted! It begs the question: if Himbara (Murunganwa) couldn’t prove he was targeted, how can he prove others are?

Museveni has been observing with dismay a rapprochement between Rwanda, Congo and Burundi. The rapprochement has killed his plans to use DRC as a base for his proxy terrorist militias, like RNC, to destabilize Rwanda. Therefore Himbara has to come up with whatever crazy fictions he can spin, in a bid to stoke tensions.

The government of Rwanda however made it clear kong ago that it does not use the so-called Pegasus, back in 2019, and repeated it again today. “Rwanda does not use this software system, as previously confirmed in November 2019, and does not possess this technical capability in any form,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Himbara’s lie and that of other RNC terrorists is an attempt at diversion from what their sponsor Museveni did to his political opposition. In 2019 the Museveni’s regime was caught redhanded spying on Robert Kyagulanyi with Huawei’s help. That’s how Nuwamanya and Ntwali, CMI collaborators in physical torture sessions of innocent Rwandans living in Uganda, began to pretend to be “human rights activists targeted by electronic espionage.”

“These false accusations are part of an ongoing campaign to cause tensions between Rwanda and other countries, and to sow disinformation about Rwanda domestically and internationally,” added the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Himbara’s latest fiction is just another fart in the wind.

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