Ugandan-manufactured propaganda maliciously resorts to divisive content to propagate divisions among Rwandans

Under Museveni’s Bahima Dynasty everything is permitted. Maliciously, they are trying to project that mindset upon Rwanda. A video full of undertones of divisive ethnic sentiments with self-praising and glorification of youth as “kumenyana abatutsi” is circulating on social media.

It is a preposterous tribalistic material fabricated to sow discord among Rwandans. From a Rwandan perspective it is gross and should be considered illegal. It violates Rwanda’s national ethics and laws, and the authors should be ashamed. But shame is never their thing.

Rwanda’s national policy on unity and reconciliation aims to build a united country in which all citizens have equal rights and where they are free to participate in the governance and development of their country. Naturally, neighbors to the north aren’t happy about that, and will resort to all kinds of gimmicks, including that video with its highly divisive message.

All right-thinking Rwandans will condemn it.

We will never be taken back to ethnic divisionism, however much anyone tries to make it happen.

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