RNC propagandist Himbara Attacks Expatriates and Dual Citizens with Racism

David Himbara, the terrorist RNC Mouthpiece sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, found it impossible to divide Rwanda along tribal lines; he has now opted for xenophobia.

Out of thousands heads of parastatals and agencies, Himbara highlights about 5 “Americans and Europeans” to push a racist narrative that the Rwandan Government appoints foreigners to senior positions. He thinks that by doing so, causing public outrage will help his terrorist militia agenda of destabilizing Rwanda. He even attacks dual citizens in racist narrative.

Sponsored by a corrupt regime in Uganda, Himbara and RNC have tried everything to divide Rwandans. They went as far as forging alliances with Genocidaires such as FDLR and RUD-Urunana aided by Ugandan officials like Philemon Mateke. Every success by Rwanda irritates Museveni and Rujugiro, and its ability to attract talents worldwide is perceived as a threat.

In Uganda, for the past 35 years under Museveni, governance has been characterized by corruption and nepotism. The incompetence of officials has been normalized in a country where the only person deemed qualified for the ministry of education and sport is none other than the First Lady. To manage the country’s sovereign fund, Museveni appointed his brother Salim Saleh and to head his land forces, Himbara’s sponsor offers his own son as the most competent. The blatant nepotism and corruption makes Uganda unattractive for expatriates, hence Himbara’s sponsors attack on Rwanda with a xenophobic smear campaign.

Appointments in Rwanda are competency based and fact is nepotism destroyed his sponsoring regime. The expatriates and dual citizens he targets in his smear campaign will not be deterred from the opportunities Rwanda offers.

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