David Himbara, RNC terrorist propagandist, should comment on his sponsor’s bizarre government!

Notorious RNC terror group propagandist, David Himbara, is not happy that Rwanda has announced a Ministry of National Unity and Civic Engagement. Sponsored by the Ugandan ruler Museveni and the RNC chief financier Rujugiro, Himbara vents against the announced ministry that will focus on national unity, historical memory and citizenship education, among others. He attacks it with claims that it will be an indoctrination and propaganda apparatus. David Himbara, as a terrorist propagandist, would prefer an antipode Ministry like National division and Civil Unrest.

Worldwide, countries organize ministries to suite their government agenda. In Canada, they have a Minister of Canadian Heritage and in Australia, they have an Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. Closer to Himbara, his sponsor Museveni runs an 82 Ministries government, with bizarre titles like “Third Deputy Prime Minister and Minister without Portfolio”. With his sponsor Museveni moreover, his wife is also listed amongst the 82 Ministers as Minister of Education and Sports. So when the President of Uganda wants to have a meeting with the education Minister, the meeting can literally be held in their bedroom!

Himbara’s attack on a functional government like Rwanda’s is fueled by jealousy; the jealousy of his sponsors. They envy the national unity, the social progress and other development in Rwanda, something the very Mafiosi cartel that’s the Museveni family long ago stifled in Uganda.

Murunganwa (Himbara) is a very sad fellow paid to twist very obvious truths.

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