Rujugiro and Museveni’s mouthpiece, David Himbara, displays more incompetence in International Relations

David Himbara is still nursing his wounds after his fake “analysis” on supposed refusal of Rwandan troop deployment in Mozambique was publicly exposed and ridiculed. The RNC terrorist paid mouthpiece, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, had started a rumor that SADC “opposed” Rwanda’s deployment to Mozambique. As he celebrated, and dragged other Ugandan regime trolls in the celebration, Himbara woke to the news that Rwanda indeed had deployed 1000 of its brave men and women to Mozambique. Himbara and his allies became the center of ridicule on social media, and he has since then tried to wiggle himself out, with more bizarre claims.

At first, Himbara called the deployment “magic” baffled and in disbelief that Rwanda had actually sent her troops, which were welcomed with open arms in Mozambique. Later on, he began circulating rumors that Rwanda was “deploying to Mozambique on behalf of France”, but now the reactionary propagandist has changed tune once again. He claims Rwanda was supposed “to wait for SADC and deploy jointly.” A person capable of such shameless lying has to have something wrong with him!

Of course we know Rwanda is not a member of SADC. But deployment of its troops is the result of a bilateral agreement with Mozambique, a sovereign state. Himbara’s misinformation was evident when he claimed that SADC opposed Rwanda’s deployment. The fact is, SADC would not be consulted in the matter. Mozambique, a sovereign country is at liberty to ask assistance from anyone: multilateral (international organizations like SADC, AU, UN), but also from individual countries. The decision to seek and receive military assistance lies with Mozambique. Not from Himbara, or his paymasters.

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