Museveni’s need for David Himbara’s economic comparisons as a feel good factor

The data “faslificator” and terrorist propagandist David Himbara is back to his usual manipulations. Unilaterally, he declares that Rwanda is the poorest country in EAC just to please his sponsors Yoweri Museveni and Rujugiro. But out of six EAC member countries, and two other countries that applied to join the regional block, Himbara fraudulently decided to only use three countries. As always, Himbara is just manipulating to smear.

The recent report by the World Bank released GDP per capita for 2020. As a analytical tool, it has been marred with controversy and is generally considered to be outdated. For example, GDP does not usually capture newer forms of income such as internet based services. Moreover, the calculations is subject to two variables Gross Domestic Product and Population statistics. Countries like Uganda, are reputed to manipulate both their GDP and their population size to fit a set narrative.

Himbara’s exclusion of certain EAC countries betrays the Uganda regime true objective with his sponsored smear. For 35 years, Museveni has been promising economic miracles and as consolation, he can only offer the “we are better than Rwanda” line.

In 2018 and 2019, disaster hit the Ugandan regime with news that Rwanda had taken over Uganda with a higher GDP per Capita. As 2020 was an election year, the regime toiled with population data and gross domestic product; the result, a mere $20 dollar difference between Rwanda and Uganda.

What Himbara will not tell in his smear is that his sponsor inherited a functioning economy that has been run down by corruption cartels (including his second sponsor Tribert Rujugiro) whereas Rwanda started from scratch in 1994 after the Genocide against Tutsis.

To complete his hat trick with data, Himbara added South Sudan whose data has not been published since 2015! He then compares Haiti, clocking 217 years of independence, with Rwanda that just celebrated its 27th liberation anniversary. Clearly, Himbara’s mission is to hide the dismal performance of the Ugandan economy run by his sponsor Museveni and trafficking kingpins.

The smokescreen is a corruption camouflage hiding the fact that Museveni’s only daughter in law stole money to purchase oxygen during the pandemic and data manipulation to hide that Museveni’s brother operates a day light robbery operation dumbed Operation Wealth Creation, is all that Himbara offers. But in reality, as Himbara carries no credibility, his smoke screen and smear only affect his sponsors who fail to see that Ugandans are choking, out of oxygen and in deepening poverty with skyrocketing inflation.

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