Museveni’s money makes Muruganwa, aka Himbara, a laughing clown

The Museveni and Rujugiro paid mouthpiece, Murunganwa Himbara is angered by anything positive from Rwanda. He was convinced, with his RNC terrorists, that they made Rwanda work and that their takeover would be easy. When that failed, they resorted to throwing grenades, and then they graduated to forming an armed militia. They even resorted to seeking foreign help (mainly from Uganda) and sought alliances with genocidal forces.

But now Himbara is broke, and needs Rujugiro and Museveni’s handouts to afford both food and drugs. So, write he must, deliberately confusing the old man with numbers, while hoping to continue getting his paycheck even if what he writes makes no academic sense, or any sense for that matter, since his masters doesn’t give a hoot.

However, hiring a disgruntled drug addict like Murunganwa Himbara who failed his O levels in Ndejje SSS in Bulemezi (he got straight 9s (F) in 7 subjects and an 8 (the worst Pass) in English) to play petty propaganda games with numbers when he does not understand about investments, foreign reserve, or GDP will not change anything; instead, Museveni should seek Rwanda’s expertise in establishing a functional state capable of responding to a global challenge like Coronavirus.

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