Shamefaced Himbara tries a new line of falsehoods following Rwanda’s deployment of troops to Mozambique after his earlier lies fall flat

After disseminating lies for weeks that “no one wants the Rwandan military in Mozambique, Himbara and the entire terrorist networks and anti-Rwanda reactionaries in the same boat as him, he still has the audacity to offer falsehoods on the same topic after it turned out Mozambique indeed had invited Rwanda to send troops. On Mozambique Himbara, a liar with zero capacity for shame however burnt his fingers and his fake prophecies on the 30th April that were unmasked on the 9th of July 2021.

It all started with a visit to Rwanda by the Mozambican President to Rwanda President Filipe Nyusi on the 30th of April this year to discuss counter terrorism cooperation. On the 4th of June, the sponsored propagandist reacted to the discussion of Rwanda-Mozambique cooperation with a hoax that SADC opposed it. He claimed, “SADC challenged Rwanda’s involvement in a SADC member state”, and accidentally started a party within his quarters of hostile anti-Rwanda forces on Museveni and Rujugiro payroll. Himbara lied, and other negative elements believed him but no one else did. Fellow propagandists like Sulah Nuwamanya, Charles Kambanda, Obed Katureebe and others, openly jubilated the lie that “SADC had blocked the Rwanda-Mozambique cooperation on combating terrorism.”

But two days ago, Rwanda sent a 1000 strong force to Mozambique to support anti-terrorist efforts in Gabo Delgado province, northern Mozambique. Himbara was gobsmacked and could only say “magic” to describe the deployment. That’s his shamefaced way of acknowledging what a barefaced liar he is. His new claim is that “France will pay for the deployment because Rwanda cannot afford it.” As a consolation for the embarrassing hoax, he now belittles Mozambique and Rwanda as unable to fund a fight against a terrorist group.

But military operations are not solely about economic means, otherwise Rwanda would still be under a genocidal regime! The irony, as a recipient of millions from Museveni and Rujugiro, Himbara ought to know that funding doesn’t win a fight. Besides, for every sponsor (like Museveni and Rujugiro) that terrorist organizations like Al-Shabab, FDLR, RNC and others secure, there are more honest sponsors willing to finance a counter. In Darfur, Rwanda deployed quickly under the doctrine of R2P (Responsibility to Protect), the AU and the UN joined later on. In Central Afrique, South Sudan and in Haiti too, Rwanda played its role in responding to security challenges and acted quickly. Once again, under R2P and at the request of Mozambique, Rwanda is on a mission for international peace and security.

The fact is that no one believes the paid mouthpiece’s misinformation any longer. Himbara’s lies now are amplified only reactionary groups.

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