RNC propagandist Murunganwa Himbara and his sponsors keep barking up the wrong tree

For years RNC propagandist David Himbara – long in the pay of Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro – has published smear after smear against Rwanda, of hoaxes and fake news. His online activities of course are part and parcel of the Ugandan regime’s propaganda and misinformation campaign against Rwanda.

Another wish of Himbara and his sponsors is to paint Rwanda as a failed state. Of course because Uganda is a completely failed one. So they also do all they can to try to sabotage Rwanda’s development. Museveni has facilitated, and bankrolled the training and equipment of terrorist militias like RNC, FDLR and RUD-Urunana. Its part of the overall strategy, including sponsoring trolls like Himbara with his endless (but failed) online smears of Rwanda.

David Himbara received over US$ 400,000 in 2015 just to secure a hearing in the US Congress. His statements were full of lies, and failed like everything else Himbara does. Murunganwa aka Himbara has been unmasked as a fraudster numerous times. From his fake high school record, to his misquotes of reputable international organizations. He is not a trustworthy source by any stretch of the imagination.

The only victim in his con games are his sponsors – who deserve it!

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