Himbara, RNC propagandist, recycling lies for a paycheck from his sponsors

One could make a living fact-checking RNC propagandist David Himbara. You would become a million if every lie he publishes carried a dime. In his latest blog, the terrorist mouthpiece combines his favorite lies on RPF, Crystal Ventures and RSSB.

It doesn’t take long to realize that he is recycling hearsay stories of a $500 million secretive company, mysterious failed investments and a political party. Quickly, one encounters the same fabrications and easily disprovable statements completely made up by the sponsored troll. If one has to recall that Himbara forged his high school certificate, and plagiarized all his “pseudo” academic work, forgery on a blog is child’s play for him. His real name is not even Himbara, rather his name is David Murunganwa. He bought grades and falsified documents to get to university; lying is in his DNA.

The lying terrorist mouthpiece claims that the Rwandan pension fund has been captured by the ruling party, yet it’s in the public record that RPF is just a one of many shareholders in Crystal Ventures among others such as the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB), private and foreign investors. Himbara, as ever, is lying on purpose – but also for pay.

In truth, David Himbara’s sponsor, Yoweri Museveni who turned Uganda in a family property, where all top government and leading companies in the private sector are held by Museveni’s family, relatives and tribemates. Salim Saleh, Museveni’s brother, runs the country’s sovereign fund, also has as a business associate Tribert Rujugiro, RNC chief financier and second Himbara sponsor. Paid by a trafficking kingpin like Rujugiro and an octogenarian despot like Museveni, Himbara lies for a living.

RSSB’s investment and other Rwandan parastatal investments are safe, handled by professionals. Envious smear from a sponsored troll will not change the kleptocracy in Uganda headed by Museveni.

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