Himbara, Museveni and Rujugiro’s propagandist, completely disconnected From reality

Museveni and Rujugiro’s mouthpiece on social media David Himbara doesn’t seem to be aware of reality. He will have you believe that the US is taking precautions to avoid COVID-19 delta variant from Rwanda. But the COVID-19 delta variant already is the dominant variant in the US!

California reports that 43% of all cases in June (thousands) are delta variants according to major news organizations in the US. Fact is, Himbara just proved once again that he is completely disconnected to reality. Two days ago, he blogged about an imaginary celebration of the 27th anniversary of the liberation in Rwanda, now he doesn’t seem to be able to tell which country has more Covid-19 delta variant cases.

Perhaps Museveni could enlighten his paid troll. In Uganda, the delta variant is wrecking havoc with record breaking numbers of deaths. Most victims are dying from Museveni’s only daughter in law greed; she corruptly secured a tender to procure oxygen equipment and swindled the money, she bought poisonous gas instead. Now, as a fish dies out of water, Ugandans are painfully dying chocked by the delta variant!

Causing respiratory failure seems to be a common goal for Himbara’s sponsors. The other sponsor, Trilbert Rujugiro, makes money by selling cigarettes and tobacco. He categorically refuses to print health warning labels on his products and since Museveni’s family has shares in Rujugiro’s companies, no one can force him to do so.

Museveni is chocking Ugandans with poisonous gas, Rujugiro kills Ugandans with smoke, and both give money to Himbara to smear Rwanda. Lord help Uganda!

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