RNC propagandist David Himbara attacks are caused by an envious cartel

While the RNC Mouthpiece, David Himbara, desperately searches in vain for flaws in brilliant Rwanda innovations, the country benefits and grows more prosperous. In his latest invention, Himbara claims that Rwanda made a bas investment in an American pharmaceutical (Merrimack Pharmaceuticals)
company but in reality, in 2018, Rwanda already enjoyed more than $3 million in dividends in the same.

Himbara, paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro, constantly smears Rwanda with hoaxes and fake news. His online activities are part and parcel of the Ugandan regime’s attempt to sabotage and destabilize Rwanda. Himbara’s preferred topic are economic and finances as it provides him with an opportunity to mislead his readers with erroneous and fake numbers.

Merrimack Pharmaceutical, in 2018, developed a cancer treatment drug called Onivyde, and sold it at about $1 billion, it started making profit and paid dividends to its shareholders including the Rwandan RSSB (Rwanda Social Security Board). The innovative and prudent management of the Rwandan economy ensures that safe investments are always carefully done. The result is progress and development in Rwanda, something that Himbara’s partners have sworn to fight.

The cynical motive behind the constant attack with smear is known; Museveni and Rujugiro envy Rwanda for not falling prey to their corrupt cartel control. In Uganda, for the last 35 years, the same cartel has captured the economy and permits itself to do the unthinkable. One example would be Rujugiro’s cigarette and tobacco company, jointly owned with Salim Saleh (Museveni’s brother). The company categorically refuses to pay taxes and print health labels on its products. To add salt to injury, the company occasionally pretends to donate petty amounts to fight Covid-19 with public announcement while actively infecting young Ugandans with cancer!

Together, Rujugiro and Museveni, bankroll terrorist militias hoping to attack Rwanda. Repeatedly, their armed terror plots fall flat leaving them with trolls like Himbara to propagate smear. Unlike Uganda, Rwanda runs a clean and efficient economy. If Salim Saleh’s shares are enough to ignore all rules and regulations, imagine what the economy of Uganda suffered as mischiefs for the last 35 years? It so happens to even critical funds in the midst of a pandemic like oxygen procurement for COVID-19 patients is swindle by Museveni’s daughter in law!

RSSB’s investment and other Rwandan parastatal investments are safe, handled by professionals. Envious smear from a sponsored troll will not make the Ugandan economy better or less corrupt.

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