Terrorist propagandist David Himbara fails to twist a positive IMF report on Rwanda

The Museveni and Rujugiro paid mouthpiece, David Himbara, is lost for words; he is unable to spin the recent IMF report on the Rwanda’s economy. According to the outlook is positive, GDP is scheduled to rebound to 5.1% in 2021 and IMF says, “The authorities’ [Rwandan Authorities] policy response has remained well-designed and targeted”.

Himbara, sponsored to smear Rwanda and propagate anti-Rwanda terrorist messages, has been particularly active in attempting economic sabotage with hoax that economic doom will befall Rwanda. IMF’s report is clear, Rwanda will recover by 2023 and the resilience was achieved because of the excellent response from Rwandan authorities.

It hurts Himbara to see such a positive report on Rwanda. For his RNC terrorist organization, the quality of management and leadership in Rwanda poses a serious problem to their hostile agenda. Rwanda has built a strong record in transparency, good governance and innovation. The remarkable recovery by 2023 is further proof of the Rwanda’s strong track record.

The success poses a problem to Yoweri Museveni too. As the President of Uganda for the last 35 years, endemic corruption thwarts any development or recovery effort while next door, Rwanda moves faster and stronger. Sponsoring Himbara to smear Rwanda, training and arming the RNC terrorist militia, actively sabotaging the Rwanda economy and more, is what Museveni tries to do to save face when compared to Rwanda.

IMF notes in the report that Himbara tries to weaponize against Rwanda, “The authorities [Rwanda] continue to appropriately balance their policy response to contain the pandemic, including by procuring vaccines, and minimize its long-lasting impacts, with maintaining fiscal sustainability”. This happens to be the opposite of what is happening in Uganda where media reports stolen COVID-19 relief funds, fake vaccines and stolen vaccines, stolen funds destined for oxygen production, and economic disaster.

That’s why IMF, as well as others organizations, does not have any idea when Uganda will recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Ugandan regime’s endemic corruption, it is certainly not by 2023 like Rwanda!

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