RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara peddling lies with false data and comparisons

RNC propagandist David Himbara, once again, tries to use statistics to peddle lies and smear. His latest trickery is to compare Covid-19 vaccination data between Rwanda and Botswana to advance his sponsored anti-Rwanda narratives. Paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro, he dishonestly tries a percentile comparison to claim that Botswana, with 5% of its citizens vaccinated, has more vaccinations done than Rwanda with 2% vaccinated.

The pseudo intellectual who pretends to be an expert on Africa omits to state that Rwanda has 10 million more citizens than Botswana. A percentage comparison is nothing more than a deliberate attempt to mislead.

Botswana, in real figures, has about 260,000 first doses administered and 100,000 second doses out of its 2.3 million population. Rwanda has almost three times the number of first doses administered with 644,000 done and more than twice the number of second doses given with 252,000 out of its 12.6 million citizens.

But perhaps the most shocking statistic is for Uganda, the country ruled by David Himbara’s sponsor. It has only 4,129 fully vaccinated individuals in a country of 44 million people. Sadly, Museveni still finds it a priority to bankroll smear against Rwanda in conjunction with the RNC terrorist chief financier Tribert Rujugiro with businesses in Uganda.

If Museveni and Rujugiro’s friends and relatives were not amongst the 4000 fully vaccinated in Uganda, they would have other priorities.

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