Himbara a front for Museveni envy, tries to tarnish VW investment – he posts a big fail

It is apparent the VW assembly Rwanda plant is the envy of the Ugandan regime. It works. Therefore it is a vivid reminder of white elephant projects in Uganda, constantly toured by the regime to hoodwink its nationals.

Rwanda put up the VW plant in partnership with the German investors. Rwanda as usual is serving its interests, and its people. These things make the guys across the border in the north apoplectic. So they send a mouthpiece, to badmouth everything about Rwanda.

Enter Himbara, long in the pay of the Ugandan regime boss, to play that roll. He has been doing his best to tarnish the VW investment.

Himbara is so predictable!

For the attack on VW Rwanda he has worked in tandem with Charles Kambanda – another of the negativist brigade – in New York, while in Kampala Commandonepost is on the attack.

All the three parties – Himbara, Kambanda, Commandonepost- suddenly have converged on tarnishing the VW investment in Rwanda, why? What interest do the RNC mouthpieces, and CMI media have in this? Is it something to do with the badly failed and laughable “Kiira” motor in Uganda? Everyone knows Kiira Motor now is a junkyard metal workshop. But VW in Kigali is working just fine.

Himbara, Kambanda and Commandonepost are trying to confuse the public thet VW in Rwanda is “a rental”. Another easy to debunk lie. VW solution is called “move”, a concept of renting rather than buying not so different to leasing. It does not stop normal production at the plant, but adds to the demand. The propagandists can never be honest.

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