How many pieces of silver has RNC mouthpiece Himbara eaten, to compare RPF to the ideologies of Kayibanda, Habyarimana?

David Himbara, the RNC terrortist propagandist whose most dire wish is for chaos and destructions, deliberately conflates Rwanda’s villains with its liberators. Himbara’s shamelessness is such that he actually wants his readers to think the likes of Kayibanda and Habyarimana – the fathers and champions of the ideology of mass murder in Rwanda – are the same as the country’s current leadership.

This man is too gone to salvage!

Obviously the fact he’s a mouthpiece of RNC which has grown close to exiled genocide ideologues explains his motives. His past activities include flying to Sweden to defend Theodore Rukeratabaro against his conviction on crimes of genocide.

It is clear that Himbara is so much a part of the evil he works for, that he demonizes Rwanda’s liberators, who in fact reclaimed for him and his family the homeland that the fathers of Parmehutu ideology chased them from. One wonders how many pieces of silver this fellow has taken, to sink to such depths; as an agent of foreign influences seeking to destabilize Rwanda.

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