RNC propagandist Himbara is angry that Rwanda would do anything to save its citizens from the coronavirus pandemic

Following news that Rwanda was going to start a partnership with the EU to start exploring building up the capacity to manufacture messenger RNA vaccines, The RNC propagandist David Himbara is fumming with rage that it won’t happen.

The pseudo-intellectual thinks he can hoodwink his readers with empty rhetoric that building a vaccine in Rwanda is a fantasy; even EU believes in Rwanda! After all, he continues to cheer as the coronavirus rage across Africa as countries like Rwanda find ways to save their citizens.

Himbara should take a “chill pill”and stop deceiving himself that anyone would believe any of his misleading propaganda. Rwanda has proven that it will take care of safety and health of its citizens. That’s why EU is offering a partnership and a terrorist propagandist like Himbara is angry!

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