RNC Mouthpiece Himbara misleads on what investments are

RNC propagandist mouthpiece David Himbara has definitely run out of lies in his anti-Rwanda campaign. Now he has decided to twist concepts by comparing apples and pears; he compares FDIs (Foreign Direct Investments) to Investments. This just confirms that Himbara is both incompetent and intellectually dishonest – nothing but a paid manipulator.

The key to demolishing his latest manipulation is in basic definitions of economics. Whereas FDIs are just one type of investment and do not represent the majority of investments in most economies, Himbara turns everything about investments to be FDIs. He then goes on to misquote the President of Rwanda who said in December 2020: “Despite the pandemic, 172 new investment projects registered for $1.2 billion, expected to create more than 22,000 jobs.”

But Himbara wants you to read it as US$ 1.2 billion in FDIs only. Local investments, international organizations, government, and other types of indirect investments do not count in Himbara’s world.

What a travesty from the pseudo intellectual!

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