Himbara tries to draw a false equivalence between criminal past regimes, and the government of national unity

Desperation is trying to draw a parallel between previous genocidal regimes in Rwanda, and Rwanda after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. But there isn’t a thing David Himbara can’t do to tarnish Rwanda while securinh his paycheques from Museveni, and from RNC chief financier Rujugiro.

As a paid propagandist for the RNC terrorist group Himbara has to be very inventive. He must look for every opportunity to invent something negative to say about the Rwandan leadership, daily.

His latest gross claim is to dredge up a history of Rwanda’s genocidal rulers (as written by some Western rights organization) to attempt, for the thousandth time, to put RPF in the latest cesspit. Himbara is a habitual liar for whom no lie is too gross.

This is a man that flew to Sweden some years back to give false testimony to a court hearing the appeal of Genocide convict Theodore Rukeratabaro.

Himbara was trying his best to secure the release of the genocidaire but failed. Rukeratabaro’s conviction was upheld. So, if to Himbara “killing is an integral part of politics in Rwanda”, why was he trying to get a genocidaire cleared? Does he condone genocide then? Moreover he spends time tarnishing the very organization, RPF that fought to end the politics of pogroms and mass murder and impunity in Rwanda, but is in bed with genocidaires?

Himbara redefines the term “shamelessness.”

Today, Rwanda is considered as a role model in reconciliation and tolerance, to rectify its violent past caused by past criminal regimes, whose acolytes Himbara (and RNC) are in bed with.

As Himbara laments about a brother (probably a fiction of his imagination) named Ngurumbe who suffered injustice in 1984, one question should be asked: what would happen to Ngurumbe today if he were to fall into the hands of RNC?

Ngurumbe would be given a choice to betray his country with associations with terrorists, or die in a CMI torture chamber.

That after all is what Himbara’s groups do to anyone that won’t betray their country.

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