Wrong ignites infidelity romance in Museveni’s circles

Michela Wrong’s boyfriend Karegeya died some years back, I won’t get into circumstances of his death simply because I am not sorry or have any remorse for him, if he chose to deal with FDLR, how else would he expect rewards if his deals went bad?

Marred with agony of losing her lover, Wrong thought she would find solace in creating all sorts of scenarios in her head, and just like that, she resorted to penning the fictions she had created in herself.

Now, there is this breed of misplaced souls that form Despot Museveni’s anti-Rwanda camp. Among them include prossy bonabaana and sulah nuwamanya – both once married but abandoned their families in pursuit of that their stomachs asked them for. They ended up cohabiting.

These two earn a living from leading anti-Rwanda campaigns and Wrong’s book served them well. They couldn’t hold it but sink into Public Display of Affection (PDA) to each other on social media.

A simply reminder to them, what Rusesabgina, Callixte Nsabimana and many others are battling with in court include thier anti-Rwanda social media posts.

Sooner than later, they will join the pink uniformed gang.

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