Himbara directs tantrums at families, over Father’s day messages

Reading David Himbara, the ever ranting cacophonist’s most recent attack on Rwanda’s First Family one can’t help but ask himself what exactly could be on his mind. Himbara should be the last person to rant about a Father’s day message from Rwanda’s First Lady. Everything considered, Himbara can’t grasp the message’s meaning or the real meaning of love, care, and appreciation. So his envy for strong and supportive families like that of Rwanda makes him go bananas.

For the record, Himbara – commonly known as Murunganwa for those who grew up with him deep in the villages of western Uganda – is mostly remembered as a person indifferent to any family or social values. He had low regard for marriage mostly due to personal insecurities. Even after he moved in with his now-estranged wife, they broke up in record speed. Himbara is a failed father and husband.

Only someone like this who is utterly shameless can dare open his mouth to attack a Fathers’ Day message.

The mental disorder that pushes Himbara to dare compare or put Rwanda’s current leaders in the same basket with those of defunct regimes requires urgent treatment.

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