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Museveni’s instruction to Himbara, “smear Rwandan roads to cover my corruption”

David Himbara sponsor, Yoweri Museveni, is under heavy criticism for his projects to construct roads in neighboring countries. His controversial road projects, when Ugandan roads are in a pitiful state, leads Himbara to smear Rwanda with false data and fabrication.

RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara fabricates that Rwanda’s 15,000 km of rural road network are in poor condition and not well maintained. The RNC terrorist propagandist cites a powerpoint presentation dated in 2018 and attributes it to the World Bank. The diversion to the state of roads in Rwanda by Museveni and his terrorist propagandist will not solve issues in Uganda. Their problem is deeper that the poor condition of roads in Uganda; corruption is so deeply rooted that no road project is ever completed.

The propaganda spin is an illustration of how corrupt Museveni’s system is; instead of addressing the real question of why Ugandan roads are not prioritized, Museveni prefers to pay for a diversion to Rwandan roads. No misquoting, fabricating troll like Himbara will solve Musevenis’s problems and his roads – both local and regional – are always incomplete because of corruption in Uganda.

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