David Himbara accidentally praises Rwanda for Transparency

David Himbara, the Rwanda National Congress propagandist, has obtained a copy of the Auditor General of Rwanda. He decides to manipulate the audit report with distortion but accidentally gives credit to how Rwanda works; accountability.
In the audit report, content point of access CAPs (essentially a website address in laymen’s words) are deemed incompatible with the current curriculum. Remedies for the incompatibility will most likely require a platform migration or update. The terrorist propagandist, however, reads it to be a software-hardware incompatibility. It is a false analysis fueled by his sworn duty to smear Rwanda for a living. The report does not mention laptops or software issues but nonetheless, Himbara distorts it as such.
Himbara is unable to understand the technical details involved, the audit report is simply too complex for him. Misquoting, distortions and fabrication is all that he can offer for his sponsored anti-Rwanda propaganda enterprise. What he does reveal, accidentally, is the quality of oversight in Rwanda; something that is bound to annoy his sponsors.
Paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro, Himbara is supposed to tarnish Rwanda every time. Using a government of Rwanda report that calls for accountability achieves the opposite, it proves that Rwanda is a functional state.
The envy and jealousy that Rwanda generates from Himbara’s sponsors will blow up when they realize that even their paid troll is using reports generated by Rwanda. His distortions will fool no one as readers will simply look for the original report.

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