Reeling from Ugandan authorities’ apology to Rwanda, Museveni uses troll Kambanda, and Command1Post blog to leak deceitful “protest note”

Following last weekend’s incident of an unruly armed UPDF crossing into Rwanda who ended up being captured by RDF, high-ranking military commanders in the UPDF and top government officials were on their knees pleading and begging Rwanda to repatriate the soldier, Pte. Baluku Muhuba.

Ugandan officials shamefully issued an apology for their unruly soldier for failing to use GPS, hence straying into Rwanda. After these profuse apologies, including from the RDC of Kisoro Capt. Peter Mugisha, Rwanda handed Uganda its soldier Muhuba, who was safe and in UPDF uniform, together with his medium machine gun and his one hundred bullets. But then, reeling from shame after apologizing to Rwanda, the Ugandan authorities after getting the unruly army man back instead resorted to deploying their trolls to mudsling Rwanda.

Among the mudslinging tactics is leaking a decietful protest note to Rwanda, alleging that their soldier was “kidnapped.” It is the same lie they were peddling straight away when Baluku strayed into Rwanda last Saturday, even before the facts of the case were out. Museveni’s trolls are embarrassed lie mongers that will just dig in, and double down on their lies.

Museveni’s propaganda organizers are using all their trolls, including anti-Rwanda elements like Charles Kambanda, and the Command1Post blog, one of the many on the payroll of CMI, to leak the “note.”

It shows the level of the Ugandan regime’s thuggery that they persist in mudslinging Rwanda on the issue, though in fact if there is any protest to be made, it is Rwanda that is entitled to. Why did a Ugandan soldier violate Rwanda’s territorial integrity? Moreover it is not the first time UPDF soldiers are crossing into Rwanda. In august last year the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Dr. Vincent Biruta revealed that Rwanda had written several notes verbale to Uganda raising concerns over Ugandan soldiers that were crossing to the Rwandan side to abduct people.

Also in the last three to four years, close to 2000 Rwandans living in Uganda have been abducted by CMI, held incommunicado, tortured, dumped at the borders, and some have died in CMI’s torture chambers, succumbing to torture injuries. If its about protest who should protest? Definitely its Rwanda that has to protest against Uganda’s brutal acts.

Outlining Uganda’s provocative and hostile behaviors against Rwanda would be an impossible task; these hostilities also including working with, recruiting for, facilitating, and arming several negative anti-Rwanda groups: RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana, FLN and others bent on destabilizing Rwanda’s security. Museveni has engaged in sabotage against Rwandan trade, and sabotaging infrastructure initiatives.

But Museveni has failed miserably.

His trolls’ current campaign to weaponize the incident of their unruly soldier will fail, miserably.

Because they, and their master are liars.

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