RNC mouthpiece David Himbara issues “feel good” dose for his sponsor Museveni

RNC terror militia propagandist David Himbara is ever ingratiating himself with Museveni’s, and distorts common sense to please his long-time paymaster. Now he is peddling the nonsense propaganda that “the Rwandan leadership has no friend in the region. What pathetic wishful thinking!
Rwanda is making strides on the international scene; a role model in transparency and good governance, a case of exemplary COVID-19 response, and pivotal state in continental affairs. This progress disturbs Museveni, and his RNC sycophants. So Himbara churns out gibberish to soothe him.
The Ugandan ruler has tried everything to sabotage progress in Rwanda. He sponsored, armed and trained terrorist militias like RNC, FDLR and RUD-Urunana, he tried economic and diplomatic sabotage. He failed at every attempt.
His entourage of sycophants and propagandist nurse his failures with feel good, fictitious posts of which Himbara is an eager practitioner. For example, they try to make Museveni forget that Uganda owes DRC more than $10 Billion in reparations for plundering its natural resources. Spinning Museveni’s efforts to ease Congo’s dues as anything related to Rwanda is nothing more than the usual pathetic remedy for the Kampala despot.
None of it will it stop Rwanda from developing at record speed.09:06

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