Uganda apologized to Rwanda for stray UPDF soldier, pleaded for his repatriation

Reliable sources have disclosed that the Ugandan government and Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) spent the whole of Saturday night and Sunday morning making unending calls to Kigali filing pleas and apologies for their soldier, Private Bakuru Muhuba who had left his position and strayed into Rwanda on Saturday afternoon.

Upon stepping on Rwandan territory in Burera District, Pte Bakuru fell into an RDF day-patrol who then secured him, and transferred him to a much safer location as he was heavily armed. The man who was in a UPDF uniform had crossed the border armed with a medium machine gun (MMG) with its 100 rounds, 01 Binocular, a cellphone and his military identification documents.

Sources within UPDF intimated that the capture of their reckless soldier was seen as an embarrassment. It was also a sign of lack of professionalism. The quickest decision taken by top commanders in the UPDF was to apologise to Kigali and negotiate his repatriation.

However, in an attempt to cover up the shame, Ugandan propagandist machine was set in motion to demonize Rwanda.

First, they lied that the soldier was “kidnapped.” When it didn’t work, they resort to saying that “Rwanda succumbed to pressure to release Muhubu.” That has since failed as well.

In fact, the Kisoro RDC, Capt. Peter Mugisha who came to the border to pick the soldier as Rwanda repatriated him, admitted that their soldier committed a grave mistake, and apologized on behalf on the Ugandan Government and the UPDF.

Pte. Muhuba also appeared in the video detailing how he strayed into Rwanda, how he was detained, and he too apologized for his mistakes.

Kandiho’s propaganda jackals are busy manufacturing the next round of lies.

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