David Himbara downgraded to trolling for CMI and forced to defend Uganda Propaganda

For years the RNC propagandist David Himbara deliberately stays far for CMI propaganda lines to hide the fact that they pay him and control him. After Private Bakuru Muhuba, a UPDF soldier, strayed into Rwanda on 12th of June, CMI tried to push the fake news that the soldier was kidnapped. The hoax backfired, the soldier and Ugandan government officials all recognized the error and apologized for trespassing into Rwanda.

To save face, CMI decided to call all its other trolls on their payroll including David Himbara. While Capt. Peter Mugisha –RDC of Kisoro– was expressing his sincere apology for the soldier’s mistake, Himbara is ridiculously sticking to CMI propaganda lines. He has no choice, they pay him to attack Rwanda and control every word he writes.

As an RNC propagandist, David Himbara has spent years smearing Rwanda for Museveni and Rujugiro’s money masquerading as an intellectual. Museveni once praise his sponsored mouthpiece telling him, “I enjoy your writing”. With the embarrassing tale of the UPDF soldier that wondered off into Rwanda armed, only cheap lies contradicting a video interview of the soldier and Ugandan officials apologizing is available to CMI.

Like a broken record, he brainlessly has to repeat a debunked narrative. Successfully, CMI turned their RNC propagandist to a copy-paste troll. That’s what Himbara harvests for opting to work against Rwanda.

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