Himbara’s loser life never became better abroad

David Himbara is angry after being reminded that he and others, who opposed the good politics and left the country, none went on to live a better life after betraying Rwanda. As records show, the last time Himbara did something meaningful with his life was when Rwanda allowed him to serve in an official capacity. Since then, he has been living on Museveni-Rujugiro-RNC handouts, while occasionally abusing the social security system of his host country. His job, now, consists of throwing insults at the leadership of a successful nation. In brief, Himbara went from government official to the status of mouthpiece and useless typwriter for a terrorist group. What a shame!

His anger is such that he inadvertently revealed why he went on to live such a purposeless existence. This is the consequence of his sense of entitlement. Indeed, it is Himbara’s view that RPF cadres should never be held accountable even when they engage in corruption or subversive activities as was the case of Kayumba Nyamwasa, Seth Sendashonga and Patrick Karegeya. The fact that these individuals were later exposed by UN reports for their collaboration with genocidal groups based in eastern DRC attests to the fact that they indeed went on to live miserable lives.

Himbara himself went into self-exile twice even after he was given multiple chances to prove his value, but his duplicitous nature could not allow him to prosper. The fraudster in him keeps popping up as shown by the fact that he blames the death of the former minister, Jacques Bihozagara, on Rwanda when it is public knowledge that the latter died in Burundi after hours of torture at the hands of the intelligence services of that country.

Worst still, Himbara’s sense of entitlement is such that when senior RPF cadres are replaced by younger ones, he considers this as a punishment. But at least, he concedes to the truth that none of those who were brought to justice for their misdeeds and who chose to stay in Rwanda ever faced any harm.

He is at a dead end with his propaganda.

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