Museveni’s retarded attack dogs and their empty threats, example: Titus Seruga

Senile Museveni’s line-up of barking dogs include one Titus Seruga, a Belgium-based CMI-paid thug. This goon Seruga claims to have “fled Uganda” the better to hoodwink people. In reality it is his cover from which to spew constant CMI-sponsored propaganda, mainly anti-Rwanda smears, on his Facebook page.

In his latest post, the retard was asked by his CMI handlers to write these empty threats: “Kagame thinks Uganda can not react to his subversive tendencies.” In the same post, Seruga tried to portray Museveni as “the victim of Rwanda’s subversive activities.”

Just inventing stuff, Seruga accuses the Rwandan leadership of, among other things, “involvement in the attack on Katumba Wamala”, and “sponsoring everyone with intention to destabilize Uganda.” Well, Rwandans are now used to Museveni’s scapegoating (and that of his paid liars). This propagandist goon thinks anyone can be hoodwinked that Katumba – and his departed daughter and driver – were the victims of anyone other than the arm rotting dictator of the Matooke Republic? Seruga’s masters better worry about the gathering anger of Ugandans!

The retard then brings in the suspension of RwandAir flights to Uganda, due to the Covid-19 upsurge there. The buffoon is trying to tarnish Rwanda, as if it is Rwanda’s fault that senile Museveni grossly mismanaged the pandemic. Neither was Rwanda involved in the mismanagement of Uganda Airlines, which was quickly “eaten” out of the sky. Pathetic just!

The fellow even invents none-existence “deportations of Ugandans by Rwanda”, at if Rwanda does anything as unlawful as the rulers of the Matooke Republic and its security organs. These thugs harass and torture innocent Rwandans, steal their property before dumping them at the borders in bad state. Let senile Museveni’s misinformation thugs show even one incident, even one, whereby Rwandan authorities have treated a Ugandan inhumanely. That’s right, they can’t.

Of course, Museveni’s intelligence operatives led by Kandiho’s CMI need dim-wits like Seruga and company to distract people from their bad neighborliness.

They can only lie to the gullible.

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